Broadband services are always cheaper than local internet provider package schemes. Having a Router means, one connectivity device will be able to connect to all the smart devices in your home or office, which includes smartphones, computers, tablets, iPhone or MacBook devices, smart TV, Chrome devices and what not!

But, at times it is difficult to connect a new device to the router. Sometimes the connection speed goes down with no previous notice whatsoever. What can you do to get a constant connection in those situations? Continue reading to know about some secret hacks that you can try to deal with Netgear Router problems.

What Is So Special about Netgear Routers?

Netgear is a US-based global computer networking company that owns the credit for manufacturing the top routers in the world. The company is renowned for producing a variety of wired and wireless broadband devices like WIFI, LTE, Ethernet, and Powerline. Netgear is the priority product for leading business associations and tech-savvy IT personnel. These devices give you trendy looks with the fastest connections at a surprisingly low cost. There are a variety of devices to choose from according to your need and purpose of use. Netgear manufactures user specific internet devices separately for home and office requirements. They allow large area wifi coverage as well as one year of free warranty on all of their products.

DIY Remedies for Slow Netgear Internet Connection:

Most of the issues that seem to occur in these routers are minor issues which you can try to troubleshoot yourself. We are providing some troubleshooting hacks which might come to your aid:

Turn off the computer and reboot the router which can solve half the problems itself.  

Unplug the power cord and reconnect it again.

Regularly check to ensure if your router is overheating due to overuse. If the temperature is too hot, then place the router properly so that it gets enough airflow. Too much overheating may damage the router.

It might be the case that your Netgear router is entirely okay, but your internet service provider is having some issue causing poor connectivity.

Reboot your computer which might refresh the jammer line and help the internet connection get active.

If there is bad weather prevailing in your area (exp. Thunderstorm, heavy rainfall, tornado, etc.), then wait for the weather to get back normal and then connect the router for better internet speed.

If your issue cannot be resolved by any of the tips mentioned above, there might have been some serious problem with your router. Call us at our Netgear Router Customer Care to diagnose the problem with your internet connection and avail necessary solution.

Call for support:

Whether it’s a connectivity error, manufacturing defect or even external damage, we provide all-in-one service for Netgear Routers. When you dial our Netgear Router Customer Care toll-free number +1-800-297-9985, we provide a free diagnosis of your problem. But our help is not limited to that- we give you full repair service at the most affordable price. You can reach our highly trained tech-experts at our 24*7 available Netgear Router Customer Care number or convey your problems to them via email or  Netgear Live Chat support. Call us immediately!